My Boys are fan FAVORITES of Many Teams…

Posted on Jan 26 2015 - 1:40pm by Aubrey

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I think my boys will grow up confused when it comes to picking their favorite sports teams… I mean I hope they develop a good appreciation for different teams and different sports, and I’ll let them know Daddy won’t mind if they want to just go with all of Mommy’s favorite hometown teams! Okay, yeah, I don’t think “Daddy” will have any part of that.


I’m from the Bay Area, California…my teams are the Oakland Raiders and the Golden State Warriors, but I also worked for the Sacramento Kings. My other half is from Chicago. He’s all about the Chicago Bears, the White Sox, the Bulls and Blackhawks. I let Daddy choose Bears when Isaiah got his Doc Band wrapped…I mean he won’t even remember it when it truly counts! Then, we met in Miami, so it’s been Miami HEAT, Dolphins, Marlins for the boys. They have worn sports gear from all the various teams and while they really don’t have a say at this point, their loyalty is to whichever team Mom or Dad dressed them in! haha

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Hmmm…is there a rule of thumb? I think many times a child’s team ends up being whatever Daddy’s team is because sometimes the Mommy’s don’t care for sports…but not in my house. While I’m not over the top crazed about which team my kids need to root for…I would like them to be on my side. Maybe they’ll go with their South Florida roots since they were born into that sports all remains to be seen.

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So, let me know if you’ve ever dealt with any of this in your house? How have your kids gone about pledging their allegiance to a team!?!?