Distance Learning during Coronavirus

Posted on Apr 24 2020 - 12:49pm by Aubrey

I don’t know about everyone else, but this distance learning is not easy! It was one thing to help my kids with their nightly homework assignments and try to figure out how to do “common core,” but managing their assignments, tempering emotions (theirs and mine), plus keeping them focused and on track for school, is tough to say the least!

A lot of us have questions about online learning, especially as we all learn as we go. I know one of my concerns has been making sure they stay on target as far as meeting education standards for their grade level and also keeping them sharp and prepared, as they will transition to the next grade level (hopefully this fall), without ever having gone back to the teacher they abruptly left.

At any rate, it is challenging and we could all use some support, reassurance and insight on how to not only get through this period, but also what it may look like when we come out o the other side, as well as why it’s important to embrace the digital tools available to us and spin our perspectives to the positive.

I spoke with the CEO and Co-Founder of Study.com, Adrian Ridner and he offered some tips, advice and guidance on distance learning and what we can do to help our kids as they do school from home. A few of his key points included managing expectations for ourselves and the kids, viewing this “screen time,” as a benefit where we can connect and access the resources we need and he doesn’t believe online learning will replace our traditional learning institutions.