I’m the Mommy to a Milk Monster!!

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 12:09pm by Aubrey


We go through 4 gallons of milk in my house a week…easily…and that’s on a good week. Sometimes I avoid drinking any or won’t have cereal, because I don’t want my guys to run out. However lately, it seems like I can’t keep enough milk in the fridge. My 2.5 year old drinks non-fat skim and the 1.5 year old consumes Vitamin D whole milk…our fridge is full of milk! I guess it’s kind of our fault, maybe we’ve pushed milk on them a little too much, so it’s become a crutch to pacify them or help them fall asleep. MY BAD! But, enough is enough and it’s time to cut back.

As it is, I try to only offer him maybe 4 ounces at a time, but he’ll beg for more… and since I am not the lone person who pours his cups…my version of 4 ounces may not be the same as the others! Just saying…hehe

From a health standpoint, I have healthy boys and when Isaiah hits the 2 year mark, he’ll be going to non-fat too, so it’s not a weight issue on either end, but I know doctors and “experts” warn about food allergies, iron issues, constipation and/or too many extra calories and not enough other nutritious foods. The things is…and I know “guidelines” are always being redefined…but when I was a kid I recall drinking milk all the time, and I turned out fine!

But seriously, another problem with all this milk consumption is the amount of “pee” it produces! I mean when my child can get through a night with just 1 overnight diaper and his pajamas and sheets are dry, it’s like a victory for me. Plus, it’s about that time to potty train, so how will he every be able to get through a night dry when he’s all milked up!?!?

It’s certainly time for the tough love with his leche. The good thing is that boys of my sons are on the high end, in the 90-percentile of the charts, and it’s been that way since birth. Raef isn’t just drinking milk and not eating or drinking other items…it’s just he loves his milk that much!

I don’t think it’ll be easy easy getting my milk monster to ease up on his milk consumption, but it’s time for this Mommy to put her foot down, and hopefully I can fix this before little brother gets in the habit and becomes my milk monster number 2!