About 53 Weeks

53 Weeks is all it took for site creator Aubrey Aquino to become a mother to two beautiful baby boys, and now “53 Weeks” has become her platform to showcase anything and everything that happens in the realm of a Mom’s world! 53 Weeks will share first hand stories in Mommy 101, spotlight the diverse lifestyles of all types of Moms through Q&A profiles, check out and review new, hip and cool baby gear, offer tips for fitness and fun, fast recipes for families on the go, as well as be a place for you to show off your favorite kid pics! Email: contact@53-weeks.com

About Aubrey Aquino

aubboyswebAubrey Aquino is the proud mother of two growing boys, Raef and Isaiah. As a new Mom, she often found herself turning to the internet to search for information or advice related to parenting and children, while comparing notes with her circle of friends. So, with no shortage of stuff to talk about when it comes to being a Mommy, Aubrey decided to create her own web home, a platform for Moms to share and relate to one another, in “53 Weeks.”

A familiar face among Moms, Aubrey’s has had plenty of hands on experience with “baby gear.” She’s filmed hundreds of product videos, exclusively for the Babies R Us and Toys R Us websites. This mama was also featured in the May 2013 issue of American Baby, modeling her baby bump. And, as an author, she chronicled her journey and anticipation of Motherhood in the short story, “I Love You, and I have Yet to Meet You,” published in the book Miso for Life.

Aubrey is a TV Personality who hosts a daily lifestyle and entertainment show. She has also contributed her on-air talent to E! News, CNN, Comcast Newsmakers, Deco Drive, NFL Network and Fox Sports. In addition, her resume includes dancing professionally for three sports teams in the NBA and NFL. To learn more about Aubrey visit http://aubreyaquino.com