Picky Picky About His Sippy

Posted on May 29 2015 - 2:31pm by Aubrey

photo 3

It wasn’t hard to wean either of my boys off the bottle to a sippy cup. However, my younger toddler is EXTREMELY picky when it comes to his sippy cup for drinking milk! When it came time for him to give up his bottle, it took less than a week for him to realize the bottle wasn’t coming back, and I bought him his own set of sippy cups so he wouldn’t have to share or use the same ones as his big bro…

At first, before I made all his bottles disappear, I would put water in his sippy cups to get him used to a cup and then finally started putting milk in them when I took away his bottles. Well, I also discovered he had a resistance to “hard spout” cups vs. “soft spout.”

photo 1

And, since then I have realized that soft spout sippy cups are much more difficult to find in stores. They also cost more to maintain because when toddlers bite and chew on the spout, they rip and they need to be replaced! But, while he’ll drink water and juice out of the other cups, he is very particular about the container for his milk. I’ve even tried a bait and switch approach at night or when I think he’s too tired to notice….but every time he recognizes the difference and you should see the looks I get for using he “wrong” sippy cups!

So if you have a transitioning toddler, maybe this is an issue for you too?? For us, he likes the NUK Active Cups with a silicone spout or Munchkin brand sippy cups with the soft spouts. Soft spout are key here!! Now if I could just get him to start drinking out of a regular cup….