First Haircuts…Snip, Snip

Posted on Jul 25 2014 - 12:30pm by Aubrey


A baby’s first haircut is supposed to be a BIG deal, right? I mean all their “firsts” are something to be celebrated because you know what…they are only going to happen ONCE! Well, I’ve missed out, not once, but TWICE on witnessing either of my boys get their very FIRST haircut. Yes, you could say I’m a little salty about it, because I really do feel some kind of way about missing out on this “first” milestone.

I guess I should hold back on the particulars of why I wasn’t “able” to be part of the event… However, I do need to talk about why it makes me sad that I missed out on this rite of passage, AND why it is a BIG deal!!! Mamas, are you with me? Your baby will only have that baby hair ONE TIME, and that’s the span of time pre-haircuts! There’s something about baby hair that is so fresh, new and snuggly soft. It has a certain scent and feel. My boys had that wispy, fine, fly-away hair… I loved seeing the creative ways it would self style every time they woke up from a sweet slumber. I loved to stroke my boys baby hair and watch how it would spread out over their heads during bath time. *sniff sniff*

Then, when they get that  first cut… it’s a total transformation to “big boy” or girl, but I think it’s so much more a face altering event for a little boy since it really takes away that “baby” look. Call me sentimental or “too much,” but as a Mommy, I view this as such an important event. I’m all about taking photos, saving a lock of hair and cherishing every moment of a first. I know one of my favorite things when I was a young girl growing up, was looking through my baby book and seeing my lock of hair from the baby days. I love that kind of stuff and I want my kids to have that kind of stuff to look back on too. I don’t want to miss a moment and I did..I missed this one. 🙁 I thought I’d get my chance to see my second son get his haircut, but that was taken from me too.

Sure it’s hair, it’ll grow back, but it’ll never be baby hair again…and once they get that first “snip, snip,”  there will never be another FIRST hair cut.