Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 1:51pm by Aubrey


I’ve tried it twice now…with little enthusiasm shown by the “smashers.” I love this idea, this new innovation if you will – I say that because some 30 years ago when I turned one I did get my stab at cake, but nowadays, it’s becoming even more popularized, by giving a 1 year old their very own little cake to “smash” to mark their first birthday. I know many people go all out with a full photo shoot, revolving around capturing the moment when a rising toddler gets their first crack at a cake. Many bakeries even advertise specific “smash cake” and several grocery chains will give your child a FREE (yes F-R-E-E) smash cake for the big ONE!


I was super excited to serve Raef his first taste of cake in July 2013 when he hit the inaugural birthday milestone, but the honest truth is he didn’t show much interest. I had him all suited up too, with a cute little tie and custom bday hat, just picture perfect. Then, when “game time: arrived, he looked at it, more impressed by the flame on his candle… However when I stood by with a camera, just knowing he would attack the sweet treat I set in front of him…and NOTHING! I gave him a spoon and he sort of tapped and jabbed at the cake, but he didn’t want any part of it.


Fast forward to July 2014. Now surely Isaiah would be all in when I set the cake down in front of him. There was little doubt in my mind that he would have no issue getting his hands dirty. So, I suited him up in the same red, white and blue tie and custom birthday hat I had dressed his brother in the year before and was ready for him to have at it… except, he didn’t seem to care to smash…the cake! To his credit, when I served him a slice, he happily found a way to eat it with his hands, but Between my 2 boys and their first birthdays, I never got that super messy, crazy cake chaos!

Image 377

It’s okay though, no big deal…it’s not like I want my kids to be too familiar with sugar or crave cake, but I did think I’d get a little more action. So Moms (and Dads), I’m wondering if you had an experience similar to mine or if your babes went all in and for the big SMASH!?!? Not that I’ve thought about it too much, but is it because I’ve been serving them bite size pieces of food, so when they see an entire cake placed in front of them they don’t know how to attack it? Or maybe it’s too intimidating to see Mommy, Daddy and/or whoever else might be present staring them down to see what will become of the cake?


In the end, I guess my non-cake smashers was a good thing…no cake crumbs to clean up off the floor or smeared icing everywhere. No, sugar-high children and it really meant more cake for me! 😉