Build-A-Bear Workshop

Posted on Aug 14 2014 - 6:53pm by Aubrey


The boys and I recently made a trip to Build-A Bear…and while I think they may still be on the young side for the “experience,” it was still a worthwhile and fun outing. If you’re not familiar, you’ve probably walked by one of these stores at the mall, it’s a chain store, so they have them everywhere… and the process to “build a bear,” is actually pretty cool!! 😉

photo 1 photo 2

First you pick out a bear (or other “animal” ready for stuffing), and then you can fill it with scents, sounds and you even give ’em a heart. We chose a standard brown bear for Isaiah and he chose a “heart” for his new friend. Then they have a “stuffing” machine where they stuff the bear with its filling and any other extras…we chose to keep it simple with just a heart.  (Honestly, my children do not need to add to the toys that make noise collection! lol). I had to guide Isaiah on what to do, since he was thinking he could eat the heart! ha!

photo a

Then there’s  a station where you wash and groom your new bear….

photo 4 photo 3

As you can see in the photos above, there is a foot pedal your child can step on when bear gets into the tub…it activates the “air” to bathe and brush the bear. He had gotten a BAB for his first Christmas, so we just got his bear a new outfit and he was good as new! Raef decided to do the bear bath, after we dressed his bear. Side note, when it came time to choose an outfit and dress the bear, Raef thought the clothes were for him, so he took off his shirt…and refused to put it back on…hence his undershirt!

photo photo b

There’s a lot of wardrobe to choose from — it can be overwhelming, we went with basketball and football apparel. When you get ready to checkout, they place your bear in a cute box made to look like a house. You can also get a birth certificate for your bear, along with all kinds of accessories like sunglasses, cars, tiara’s, etc… I would definitely recommend doing this with your child, just beware of the costs, because it can get pricey with all the add-on’s and temptation to buy “cute bear stuff.”