Educational Activity Kits for Kids

Posted on Apr 23 2020 - 8:34am by Aubrey

My new “normal” of juggling work from home, schooling from home and just being home ALL THE TIME, is making me anxious. On the one hand, I was thrown back to my days of being the stay at home Mom when the kids were still rolling around in a stroller…which is sort of like self-quarantine, because one thing I always craved was adult interaction.

Fast-forward, now the kids are school age and while they are self-sufficient in some ways, distance learning and keeping them (educationally) engaged are the new challenges. I try to give my kids balance, some screen time as long as they complete school assignments, and then encouraging them to play outside or inviting them to join me for my walks and workouts.

However, a common theme and complaint is the “I’m bored.” I wish it was as easy as saying, well let’s go here, or why don’t we invite so and so over for a playdate. *sigh* All this to say, I created a roundup of Children’s Activity and Craft Kits/Boxes/Sets…ideas really that are all “Aubrey Approved!”

I do this segment (for work) of items that I hand-pick and create product roundups with a theme. I felt this one was very necessary, since I’m sure many parents are also looking for different activities and projects to keep their kids busy, while also having some fun.

The thing I like about these items is they offer multiple activities and really help the kids be creative and encourage them to think independently to complete the tasks and assignments.

Among my picks are artistic pieces the kids can bring to life, STEAM and STEM, coding, cooking, jewelry making and current events centered projects. From monthly subscription boxes to one-off projects, I put something in the mix for everyone!

Watch the video for all the details and here’s the complete rundown of items for more info!