High Tech Help For Food Allergies

Posted on Nov 9 2018 - 11:20am by Aubrey

Allergies seem so much more prevalent these days among kids, and if you have school age children, you know, awareness and the way allergies (especially food allergies) are handled at school…is different from when we were in school. Okay, now I’m dating myself, but just this morning at Costco, I bumped into a Mom friend who asked me what other snacks can we send to school, since there are no nuts allowed. All this to say, even if you’re child doesn’t have allergies, it’s important to understand how serious it is for those that do.

Enter Veta, the world’s first high tech smart case for EpiPen. Veta helps families living with anaphylaxis by connecting loved ones or caregivers to those with life-threatening allergies, while providing emergency and location alerts. And because it keeps everyone connected, parents and caregivers can feel a little more secure, free and confident when it comes to those allergies.

The Veta Smart Case is a reusable and transparent carrier that incorporates electronics and sensors that integrate with a cloud-enabled mobile app infrastructure to ensure peace of mind for auto-injector users, their families, and their extended support network. It replaces the stock epinephrine auto-injector case to provide a variety of connected benefits, including: Separation Alerts, Auto-Injector Removal Alerts, Temperature and Expiry Alerts. When the auto-injector is removed from the Smart Case, Veta notifies and shares location information to everyone in the private Support Circle – a chosen group of trusted individuals that can provide comfort and assistance in the event of an allergic reaction. For example, a parent can be part of their child’s Support Circle and grant access to their child’s teacher or caregiver, so they can reach you physically or help coordinate support remotely.

Additional Veta App features include:

  • FindMe Locator that triggers a flashing light on the Veta Smart Case and audio pings, along with sharing the GPS location to help users locate a misplaced auto-injector
  • Integrated sensors that monitor temperature shifts that could affect the integrity of epinephrine
  • Emergency notifications that are instantaneously sent to the user’s Support Circle, along with loud verbal alerts so bystanders can act in an emergency
  • One-touch access to videos and other training material on the correct use of an EPIPEN® auto-injector
  • Helpful resources including shopping lists, barcode scanning, food photos, grocery-shopping tips, nearest open pharmacy, nearest hospital and trip planning tools

The Veta App runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices. Currently, the Veta Smart Case is compatible with EpiPen®, EpiPen JR® and Mylan’s authorized generic to EpiPen® auto-injectors. To purchase Veta for $129 (one-pack) or $169 (two-pack), please visit www.aterica.com/shop. **For a limited-time introductory pricing of $40 OFF for the Two Pack and $50 OFF for the One Pack. **