My Baby Daddy

Posted on Jun 12 2014 - 1:09pm by Aubrey

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Oh how that phrase has taken on a life of its own. “My Baby Daddy.” Well, in my case it would be plural because we have 2 “babies,” but really this blog is all about him, the man who is the father to our children…he means so much more to me than to ever be referred to as “my baby daddy.”


When you’re out in the world meeting people, dating and looking for “the one,” you can never really be absolutely certain what type of parent they will be. Sure, they can say they like children, and they can be good with kids or maybe even just give off a parent-like vibe…but you never really know until it happens. In my case, I now know just how fortunate I am, in who I ultimately chose to pro-create with! I’m with a man who works tirelessly to provide for his family and will stop at nothing to make sure we have smiles on our faces.

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During each of our boys’ infancy, he would insist on waking up at all hours of the night to do the feedings, so I could sleep. After long hours at the office, he’ll come home and assume cooking and cleaning duties, pitch in with bedtime routines and make last minute runs to the store for any household essentials we’re lacking. He’d make sure on the days that he could be home, to send me out for a massage or pedicure, always making sure I got that much needed R&R.

When it came time to move to a new city and I left him alone with the children for a week and half, he took it in stride. He packed up our entire home, while doing the daily routine with a fussy, teething  infant and a very energetic toddler. And now that I’m the one working full time while he and the kids get settled and adjusted in our new home, he’s Mister Mom around the clock, cooking and packing lunches, running the household and not getting much time for himself.

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I say all this to say that I couldn’t be more proud and appreciative of my other half. He exceeds the definition of a “hands-on” Dad and exudes patience when mine has run out! Father’s Day might be this weekend and of course we will celebrate all that he does and means for our family, but I needed to acknowledge him for being the wonderful Daddy he is to our boys every minute of everyday since I was carrying them in my womb. Thank you for being our everything, we love you and would be completely lost without you!