Not A Baby Anymore…

Posted on Jun 16 2014 - 9:41pm by Aubrey


When is your baby not a “baby” anymore? I’ve found myself pondering this question more and more now that my “baby” has taken his first few steps! On the one hand I am more than excited for him to reach this milestone at 11 months old, but on the flip side, I can’t help but be a little sad that my “baby” is racing toward his destiny with becoming a toddler.

To be honest, I have 2 babies. Raef will turn 2, while Isaiah turns 1. Potty training is next on Raef’s agenda, with running (away) on Isaiah’s! I couldn’t have predicted this certain feeling of “emptiness.” I’m going on one full year of being without child. For the past 2 successive years, I’ve been carrying a baby in my belly and welcoming each one in July. So, it feels different this year, although I still carry somewhat of a reminder “belly”…sans baby! Ha!

So, when is your baby NOT a baby anymore? I mean, my children will always be my “babies,” but at what point should we really put big kid expectations on them, and stop “babying?” Even when browsing some children’s clothing I caught myself looking at some of the items available thinking, that’s too “baby-ish,” I need to dress my boys in ‘big boy’clothing. A lot of times we use the phrase “little man,” and it is cute to play dress up and dapper them up head to toe, in non-onesie, play outfits… And although it can be a struggle to get a baby boy in a button down shirt, slacks and shoes – especially when they crunch up their little feet and toes, there’s something about seeing a “baby” all dressed up! And — I know there will be new milestones and there is much, much more to look forward to, but it really does go so FAST! I don’t know that I’m ready for my “baby” to not be a “baby anymore.