Kettle Krush

Posted on Jun 4 2014 - 9:09pm by Aubrey


My family participated in its first run together recently…the Kettle Krush! This event benefits the Salvation Army and their aim is to “krush” the myth that they only need donations and support during the holidays. We actually just did the 1K…I know, we really went for it, huh? But the “fun run” as perfect for us, because my now 23-month old was able to complete the entire race without sitting in a stroller! What made it even more exciting was that at a halfway point, they handed him a small bag with 2 quarters in it, which he then turned around to run back toward the finish line and deposit in the Salvation Army’s famous red kettles… Then after we did that, he proceeded to run into Harbor Park (AAA baseball park) and made a dash for home base where we all finished the race!

I really enjoyed this family activity as it promotes exercise and fitness, benefits a good cause, is something we can do all together AND got us out of the house nice and early, but even when we finished we still had the whole day ahead of us. I suspect we will be participating in more of these races….there’s so many these days, you could really do one every weekend if you wanted too! I am definitely not a runner, but this was easy, we jogged/walked at Raef’s pace, Isaiah kicked back in the stroller and we all had a fun time. Now I can brag I’ve completed a “race,” worn a bib and everything! haha! So, if you’ve ever contemplated doing something like this, I say, go for it…great family activity.


And you know, after the weekend I did have to mention our race outing on-air at my job as host of The Hampton Roads Show…so my babies got a little shine on the TV too! 😉