Pediped for Your Baby’s Feet

Posted on Mar 20 2014 - 11:59am by Aubrey

Washable and waterproof are the two keywords that caught my attention when checking out “The pediped Footwear System.” Up until now, my main concerns when finding footwear for my son has been color, style and fit. So, now that I’ve had the chance to put a pair of pediped’s to the test, I’m realizing there’s so much more to consider when (out)fitting your baby’s feet! I mentioned earlier that “washable” caught my attention when it came to this brand of shoes…I mean once you hit the toddler stage, you realize the messes can become bigger and much more unpredictable, so keeping things clean or being able to easily clean them is important for longevity. The waterproof feature appealed to me because I need versatile shoes for my boy! Not only does that factor in to “accidents,” but for me, living in South Florida, it’s nice to have him sport a pair of kicks that can go from the playground to the pool and not lose shape! On any given day, an outing can consist of park, store and beach – or some combo like that, so it makes my life easier to have one shoe that works for all “occasions” on the bottom of my baby’s feet!

And — that’s one of the thing’s the company stresses about its line of shoes, “the next best thing to bare feet.” As a Mother, I put a lot of thought into classes, activities and nutrition when it comes to the healthy development of my children…BUT I shouldn’t forget the feet, especially since there’s been various foot issues which run in our family! The feet are the foundation for our bodies, and we need to treat them good, so we can get as many miles out of them as possible over a lifetime. Pair that with that fact, that our little ones are growing so quickly, so healthy feet should be a top priority!

The pair of pediped’s Raef sampled are called: Flex Rio in Charcoal Black

Rio is an Adventure Line style made of Clarino and mesh upper to provide maximum protection while remaining light and breathable. Engineered to get wet, this shoe can be tossed in the washing machine after a long day of great adventures. 

He took to them immediately! They are lightweight and well-constructed with a rubber sole that keeps it comfy on the bottom and protects the toes too. If you have a toddler, that’s a  big deal, I can’t even tell you how many stumbles, tumbles and (voluntary) falls happen in the span of a day! The velcro strap makes them easy to put on and take off, and hopefully soon he’ll be able to do that all by himself… I also liked that each shoe’s tongue is attached to one side and there are no socks required for these kicks.

And for me, it’s a NICE bonus, that these shoes are made with eco-friendly material and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, for promoting healthy foot development. Plus they are pretty stylish, and come in great color combo’s too…so all my bases are covered. I’m sure he’ll thank me later! 😉

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