Everyone Sleeps…Seriously

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 6:59pm by Aubrey

When you’re a parent, the topic of “is your kid a ‘good’ sleeper” tends to come up. Well, in my case, I’d say yes, my kids are good sleepers…but they aren’t perfect sleepers. And, as they grow and try to exercise their voice and push limits when it comes to napping and bedtime, whether or not they are a ‘good’ sleeper isn’t so much the problem, as is how can you get them to sleep peacefully with minimal stress. It’s an ongoing struggle, and I’ve written about sleep issues before…like HERE, HERE and HERE!


In my case, it’s a 1, 2 punch. My boys can be double trouble and if you try to get one to bed while the other gets to stay up…it’s an issue. Just like if one starts to have a meltdown or whine, sometimes the other feels he has to “act” the same way to get the attention too! Oy vey!!

Lately, we’ve been able to stick to a routine and they know when it’s time to hit the sack for the night…BUT the problem in our home is that many times when the “bed time” comes around, they are so wound up and still chalk full of energy, that it takes some effort and discussion to coax them into “sleepy time” mode. They will try and negotiate and give the “I’m not tired” excuse, and the reasons expand from there, to I’m hungry or I need to use the potty, I want more milk, water, etc… Anything and everything to stay awake. All the while I am just counting the seconds until I can wash dishes, take a shower, prep for the next day, write an email, return a phone call…. If you feel me, then keep reading.


So when I was introduced to the creator of a video series called “Everyone Sleeps,” I was all ears or maybe I should say all about the Zzzz’s!! Not only did Scott (the creator) rave about how the videos have worked wonders in his household, but it was very evident how passionate he was about this project AND that he wanted others to experience the peace that a good night’s sleep can provide when children are present! What’s really cool is how he came to make them in the first place…

“As Foster parents several years ago, my wife and I were presented with a challenge when we took in two siblings, 2 and 3 years old who suffered from severe night terrors and were afraid to sleep.”

Well, we’re still in the early stages of implementing and incorporating the videos into our daily bedtime routine…but already, I can see these videos working. Remember, I mentioned the excess energy when it’s time to “quiet down.” Well, the first time we played an Everyone Sleeps video, I immediately witnessed the calming effect. My toddlers were quick to point out the colors, shapes, animals, scenes and other visuals found in the video. All of it is set to pleasant music, easy listening if you will, and it works. I’ll tell you this, my younger sister who was watching on the couch with us…well the videos knocked her out in minutes – so it’s NOT exclusive to the 0 – 6 years it’s designed for! ha!


There are 3 volumes so far and a bonus pack, we are still working through the first few volumes. One of the things I also appreciate about the Everyone Sleeps videos is that you can watch them as a family, the video can be set to “loop” and continuously play… My hope is that by using these consistently, my boys will go to sleep in a calm way, not the fussy, fighting sleep state. And then hopefully that will lead them to sleep through the night and not wake up wanting some milk or trying to get into our bed! All of this eventually letting Mommy and Daddy sleep…thus EVERYONE SLEEPS!!!

If you are curious to learn more about the video series you can visit the Everyone Sleeps website HERE. And here’s a promo code for 25% off if you would like to order and try it for yourself. Enter “53 Weeks” at checkout for the discount >> http://everyonesleepsvideos.com/products

Good luck, good night and sleep tight!!