My Pick for Overnight Diapers

Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 3:21pm by Aubrey


It’s finally that time of night where I have a moment to myself. The kids are in bed and I’m not quite ready to go…so what to do in my free time but write a new post on the blog! And as I’m thinking of what to write about, all that comes across my mind is diapers…and my choice for what works best at night.

I wish it wasn’t even an issue, or a situation I had come to know very well. Toddler boys who have wet the bed because their diaper didn’t last the advertised “12-hours” on the box. There are probably other solutions I could have tried to alleviate the pee problem – like nothing to drink after a certain time, but even still, my boys have tended to pee A LOT in the overnight hours!

I’m down to just one child in diapers, so I’ve had discussions with other boy moms who’ve run into the same problem over the past couple years, one even has used super maxi pads to soak up the excess and have a drier night! At the end of the day (or night in this case), a drier diaper quite possibly could result in undisturbed sleep, less laundry/cleanup and fewer (regular) diapers.

At any rate, for those of you who aren’t even aware…YES, there are “overnight diapers” that are extra absorbant and designed just for extended wear overnight. They are pricier than regular diapers and many of the brands offer overnight versions of their diapers. When you get to the “pull up” stage, those come in an overnight variety too! I’ve tried 4 different types of these diapers and I’ll rank them from least favorite to my #1 pick!

4. Pampers Baby Dry Extra Protection – I’m a big fan of pampers (and their Gifts to Grow Rewards program), but their “extra protection” aka overnight diapers, really didn’t cut it for me. Yes, they have the same softness you’d expect from Pampers and when it comes to regular diapers, Baby Dry is my first choice…but I’ve had one too many leaks and wet jammies/beds when using these, plus they’re at the highest price point of the bunch.

3. Parent’s Choice Overnight Diapers Of the 4 brands I’ve tried, Parent’s Choice Overnight offers diapers at the lowest price point and in this case, pretty decent protection. Inevitably, there’s always a chance that the diaper simply can’t hold as much as your little one may need to “let go”…but overall I had pretty good luck using Parent’s Choice Overnight Diapers, and would recommend them.

2. Huggies OverNites – The Huggies brand OverNites could be my second pick for an overnight diaper, but it’s higher price point (compared to generic brands) pushed it to almost a tie with third place. Like I mentioned earlier, extra protection diapers come with an a little extra on the price tag. I’ve had better luck with my boys staying dry using these, but when it comes down to it, I’d rather save a few bucks and choose a cheaper option.

1. Up & Up Overnight DiapersThese are my favorite! These cost slightly more than my #2 selection, but I have had the best success (keeping everything dry) using the Up & Up brand for the overnight hours, and in my opinion they seem to hold the more pee as well, compared to the other 3 mentioned. They are soft, less bulky and have a cute polka dot pattern.

So there you have it, my list…no butts about it! 😉