Movie Night Under the Stars

Posted on Aug 21 2015 - 9:31am by Aubrey

Now that we’ve hit the midway point of August and summer is seemingly coming to a close, I’ve started to think about all the fun things I’ve got to do and experience with my boys this year. The fun is by no means close to being over, because here in California the heat is just kicking in, right?? We’ve got Indian Summers on the way… But yeah, one of the highlights has been our movie night under the stars.


The event we went to was put on by the Parks and Rec Dept. of the city we live in and they held it in a big field preceded by fun activities for all the kids before sundown and when the movie started. I had been back and forth a little if it was truly feasible for my kids to number one – sit through a movie, two – be manageable in an open field and three – could I carry all the “stuff” in myself. And by stuff I mean  blankets, chairs, food, drinks and all the other essential “accessories” that every toddler toting mom keeps withing arms reach at all times.


Well, I am so glad to say that we did it! I packed up a big bag lunch with sandwiches and goodies for all of us, a big blanket and lawn chairs too. Pre-movie they had so many fun activities for the kids, namely a huge parachute for the kids to run around and under, hula hoops and to my surprise, playing tug-o-war with the big kids was one of their favorite things.


When the sun started to go down and they had got some of their energy out, we sat down to our “picnic spot” and ate together before The LEGO Movie took over the big screen. I think it was pretty helpful that my boys had already seen it, so they were familiar and were into it for the first 15 minutes or so….hehe! Yeah, we didn’t last too far into the flick, but that was okay, I noticed we weren’t the only family to make an early exit.


Nonetheless, movie night under the stars was a hit and my kids thought it was so cool to be out at “nighttime,” we had a picnic and they got to play tug-o-war. We’ll be looking forward to the next one.