Zumbini for the Bambini

Posted on Mar 17 2014 - 11:09am by Aubrey


Zumbini is one of the newest crazes to hit the parenting scene, and if you haven’t heard of it yet…you’re hearing it here, now! Zumbini is a music and movement class for children, ages 0-3. It is part of the Zumba Fitness program, so it’s packed with Zumba flavor, but I wouldn’t say it’s the equivalent of Zumba for babies. I first heard about this “music” class from another parent in my children’s play group and my initial thought was that it might be too “girly” for my boys. I guess I was thinking of the choreographed Zumba classes I have sampled where the fitness routines had lots of booty shaking and hip rolling! ha!  Zumbini logo

Well, let me tell you, it is hands down THE BEST “Mommy & Me” type class I have ever taken my babies too. Despite my preconceived notions about it possibly being too feminine and dance-ish for my “rough and tumble” tots, I really wanted to cover the class for my blog. So, I contacted Miami-based teacher Ashlee Cramer who also happens to be the Creative Director for Zumbini. She wrote the program for Zumba and after experiencing her in action, I am so glad I decided to try it out. I’d like to think my boys get their musicality from me, I have a background in dance and my father has always enjoyed his amateur career as a musician, his mother (my paternal grandmother) being a professional pianist and music teacher. At any rate, my older son has already showed so may signs of having a natural rhythm, from dancing, making beats and listening to all kinds of music… and he just shined in Miss Ashlee’s class. Whether it was playing the drums, moving to the music, singing along, using the scarves or experimenting with the various instruments brought out, he was fully engaged and entertained from start to finish!

I love Zumbini’s high energy and the style of interaction encouraged between the parents/caregivers and the “bini babies.” In fact you are asked not to talk to the little ones during the class – NOT easy, but it allows the instructor to take control and for the music to takeover! The program is still really new, so it’s just starting to spread across the country, and instructors are being trained and added every week. Watch this clip I created during my visit to Ashlee Cramer’s Zumbini class in Miami…


To learn more about Ashlee Cramer and her Zumbini classes in Miami, visit her website >> http://ashleecramer.zumba.com/ You can also visit the Zumba website to find a Zumbini location and instructor near you >> http://www.zumba.com/en-US/party/classes/class-zumbini