Just Brew It: Keurig for Families on The GO

Posted on Mar 11 2014 - 11:28am by Aubrey

I’m not a coffee drinker, I’ve always had a distaste for anything coffee or mocha-like flavored – I think it stems from my 5th birthday, where my Mom chose to get me a mocha cake (her favorite flavor), rather than a chocolate cake…that EVERY 5 year old wants – I was traumatized! Okay!!? Anyhow, my other half isn’t a coffee guy either, but we will indulge in various teas and cocoas…iced drinks too!  All that being said, a “fancy” coffee maker hasn’t ever been a priority, and when the grandparents come to visit, or my sisters stay for a few, we’re not exactly equipped to get them their coffee fix! So, when I got the opportunity to sample and take a closer look at the Keurig Elite, I figured it was worth my time to check it out!

As a parent (Mom), we’ve all had those mornings where we need an extra kick to jump start the day…and brewing a cup of caffeine doesn’t always make the cut amidst a hectic morning of getting ready for the day, changing diapers, preparing breakfast and packing lunches, etc… The other alternative of making a coffee shop stop is nice in theory, but sometimes (ok, a lot of times), we’re fighting the clock and that “stop” gets the boot.

Case in point, the other day I decided to take my boys to the playground which is a 15-20 minute stroll from our home. Usually the older one gets pretty antsy in the last five minutes – complete meltdown status, so I wasn’t sure if I could squeeze in a Starbucks run first…BUT I needed it, BADLY!!! Luckily that day it worked out, but yes, it’d be so much easier to have my Chai Tea Latte fix in hand as we head out our door, and then can proceed straight to the playground without me having to calculate and “worry” about fitting it all in “time.”

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 4.40.11 PM

With the Keurig Elite Brewing System, I love the ease of use and the fact that I can get the “K-Cups” in a variety of brews. A brew for every Mom if you will, from Green Mountain Nantucket Blend to Café Escapes Chai Latte (that’s all me), a perfectly delicious cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa and a slew of other beverages can be ready in less than 60 seconds with the simple touch of a button. No paper filter, pot, coffee beans, tea bags…you get the picture! Another fun and oh so stylish feature of the Keurig is its new expanded color line, I went with a nice, bold “Patriot Blue” that brightens up my kitchen counter and cannot be ignored! The color doesn’t affect functionality, but these days I’ll express my individuality any way I can!! 🙂

Let’s review:

  • The Keurig Elite brewer brews a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. With the choice of three cup sizes, the Elite brewer offers a removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs.
  • Available in Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue, Coconut White
  • Ideal for Moms (and Dads) on the go

To view the Keurig Elite visit: http://www.keurig.com/brewers/elite-brewing-system
To find your favorite beverage, visit http://www.keurig.com/keurigbrewed to see the  wide variety of Keurig Brewed coffees, teas, hot cocoas, iced beverages and more!

I haven’t done the math, but my bet is in the long run I’ll be saving lots of time and money using the Keurig, and not splurging on the off the $5 coffee shop drinks, by brewing on the GO at home!! So, have fun and Just Brew It!