Halloween Yummy

Posted on Oct 20 2015 - 2:37pm by Aubrey


Every year when October comes and the signs of fall are around, it’s hard not to think of all the yummy goodness that comes along with it. I mean all the sweet treats and fun foods that always seem to kick off at Halloween and take us to Thanksgiving and eventually to Christmas and the New Year! So, as we close in on some spooky good times for the last day of this month, I couldn’t help but notice a couple really cute handmade Halloween-themed treats.

First up, my friend Jenni posted this fabulous picture of some fun Jalapeno poppers she made for a party. How cute are these mummified finger foods?!?!? The eyes are TOO MUCH..really bringing them to life! If you want to try them, I found a great recipe HERE.

 If you want to do something a littler sweeter, check out these super cute Chocolate Marshmallow Pumpkins, crafted by my fellow Mommy and Media Blogger Lauren. Who knew they sold pumpkin marshmallows?!?! And — she added a very sweet touch with the chocolate and sprinkles…super impressive, right?!! I’m sure I could easily eat a handful of these… 🙂

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