Gilroy Garlic Fries with Mickey D’s

Posted on Aug 14 2016 - 9:33pm by Aubrey


I’m not sure if the idea of “garlic fries” will resonate with people outside of Northern California, but if you’re familiar with the area and/or are a garlic lover, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gilroy. At any rate, yesterday I had the opportunity to be part of a special blogger event in San Francisco to celebrate Gilroy Garlic Fries at McDonald’s.


I have been very interested to get a taste of these fries and it was a bonus that I could bring my family with me…I didn’t have to twist the kids arms to much to get them to visit the golden arches with me! 😉


It was also nice to meet other bloggers from the area, since I don’t know too many out here, or I only see them online.

A very fun part of the experience was actually going behind the scenes aka behind the counter at McDonald’s and getting to make my own batch of fries. I didn’t actually fry the fries, but I did put on all the super special seasonings, homegrown at Christopher Ranch (garlic), to fill my belly! I even did my first FB Live broadcast…totally spontaneous!


All in all, good times and we’re definitely “Lovin’ It!”