Product Review: Joovy 360 Jogging Stroller

Posted on Jan 30 2014 - 11:26am by Aubrey

Post written by Daniella M. for 53 weeks

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I was given the Joovy 360 jogging stroller as a gift from my brother and sister-in-law when my daughter was born in 2012. This stroller was my salvation! It helped me keep my sanity AND loose that extra baby weight in about 4 months. I have to mention that another contributing factor to the weight loss was that I was able to nurse. Ultimately, she refused the bottle, so what was initially intended as 6 months of nursing turned into a year.  This is a lifetime for a runner, and delayed my ability to go back to trail running, which requires a bit more freedom with time. The Joovy stroller helped me get outside and get moving, even if it was just doing laps around a local park.


First off, this jogger is like the bat mobile! It has incredible suspension and is very easy to maneuver. I have a park near my house, which by zigging and zagging, I was able to create various loops where I could bust out a mile. It was not exciting, but I was extremely grateful and relieved to have been able to get a run in even if it ended up being 2 or so miles with lots and LOTS of breaks.  Another great feature is the huge canopy with a window on the roof which helps both entertain your baby and lets you keep on eye on them during your run. Depending on the position of the sun, I would recline her all the way back and she would be able to look up at the trees or at me peeking down at her. Also, the storage compartment at the bottom is large which is very useful if you want to go on a run, but know that you may have to stop and feed the baby or change a diaper. I was able to fit an all weather picnic blanket in the basket, and plop down to feed her whenever I needed. If you live in a city like Los Angeles (like me), where every commute is a minimum of 20 minutes, then time out of the house quickly adds up, so the more you are able to bring with you to make you and the baby comfortable, the better. This also came in handy when I would go for a run and then drop by the farmers market to pick up some fresh produce. Another great feature is that it has little mesh pockets on either side where I could drop my phone into and play white noise whenever she needed a little extra help sleeping. The stroller also came with a covering that you can use when the weather isn’t all that great but you need to get outside. It protects the baby on windy days (especially if you use it down by the beach) or from light rain. I do, however, recommend airing it out to get rid of the plastic smell. Lastly, it has a great compartment near the handle bar where I could fit my keys, sunblock, water, etc., so everything was handy during my runs.

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I would say  the only drawback is that it is huge which ultimately is fine since it offers that extra storage. It doesn’t stand on its own either, so storing it at home is a pain, and it can be cumbersome to fit in the back of your vehicle. However, once you are at your spot, then it is a first class ride for you and your child!

I would recommend this stroller to any new mom especially with it’s great price point. Although the BOB Strollers have come down a bit, this one is a great option and I was very happy with it.