DOC Band Swag

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 12:06pm by Aubrey

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My son Isaiah is now wearing a DOC Band…it’s a “baby helmet” designed to help shape and guide his head into a more round shape, since in his case he has a flat spot. I’ll write another post about the treatment and process, but this post is going to be more focused on the “swag” aka decor we had done on his helmet! But the quick summary of whats going on is, he has a form of plagiocephaly called brachycephaly, which basically means that the width of his head is considered a bit too wide compared with the length and there is flattening across the back of it. At the end of the day, it’s a cosmetic fix we are really going for here and chances are his head would probably round out on its own without the “helmet,” but after a couple expert opinions, we decided to just do it, as at 6 months it’s the ideal time for treatment, as opposed to down the road when it may be too late, if in fact his head shape did not correct on its own!

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Now back to the DOC Band. We were lucky enough to come across Metro Signs in Hollywood, Florida, who as a courtesy to the infants and babies who have to sport the head gear, wrap them at no cost. The vinyl wrap them, just as many cars you see “wrapped” these days! The design can really be anything you want and since we are a sports-oriented family, we decided to go for a design that resembled a football helmet…and we ended up with the Chicago Bears “theme,” because that’s Daddy’s team. I basically let him have his way…this time! 😉

Actually, it’s working out because the colors actually suit a good portion of Isaiah’s current wardrobe. And to Daddy’s credit, he did offer to go half-half with my NFL team being the design’s other half, but I declined…no need to add more to the mix, just wanted a simple clean design!

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Metro Signs made the process really easy and we couldn’t be more thankful. I had emailed back and forth with one of their sales reps about what I was looking to do, once we found out we’d be getting the DOC Band. Then, once we got it, they measured it, sent us a proof for approval and wrapped it up! Simple as that… and seriously, my kid just looks so darn cute with his helmet, totally game ready!!! I think another plus to decorating it (and there are plenty of options out there, just do an internet search), is that when we are out and about, instead of people looking and staring at him, wondering what that helmet is for and what’s “wrong” with my baby, they are so impressed and in awe of this uber cool “baby helmet,” that we are showered with compliments and smiles everywhere we go!

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