Skewer It!

Posted on Aug 12 2014 - 12:27pm by Aubrey

photo 2

I’ve found a new way to entice my toddler to eat… He’s definitely entered the “picky” stage where he will not eat everything in front of him, but rather pick and choose what he deems “appetizing.” There really seems to be no rhyme or reason as to what he will eat and it’s almost like a flavor of the day/week where his favorite foods seem to be on his “what’s trending” list!

So, what happened was… I had brought home my leftovers one evening, and among the items were a couple skewers of chicken. I sort of held the skewered meat up toward him to see if he showed interest… and sure enough, he “bit” it! Then, with each bite he would proclaim, “I did it!” since he was able to feed himself by biting off chucks of food from the stick.

photo 1

Naturally, my next move was to buy a bag of bamboo skewers! The good thing is skewers are inexpensive, and you can stick just about anything on them. So, we did some beef kabobs with mushrooms and I also did a mango and grape medley! **Note – skewers can have a sharp end, so supervision is a MUST when serving a toddler food on a skewer.**

photo 3

Now, it wasn’t total success, but I do think he managed to eat more of the food then he would’ve normally eaten for the simple fact that it was on a skewer. I’m not saying it will work for every baby, but it’s def worth a try. I think it gives them a sense of empowerment to feed themselves, and also be in control…plus it’s fun! I couldn’t get enough of his “I did it” statements as he happily chowed down with his skewers!

photo 4