Healthy Snacks and Meals for Kids

Posted on Apr 6 2020 - 2:49pm by Aubrey

We’re entering week 4 for the stay at home, shelter in place, self-quarantine orders in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m pretty sure we are all starting to feel it. When I say “it,” I mean the stress, the fear, uncertainty and challenges of trying to do it all.

And one of the most frequent requests from my kids is, ” What do we have to eat?” This question is also a big challenge because I would love to have more time to cook up or even think up healthy snacks and meals to have on tap for them..but the reality is…I don’t, and sometimes it seems easier to direct them to the prepackaged (sort of) junk foods in the cabinets.

Thankfully I spoke with Chef Rebekah via Zoom, and she gave me a few easy kid-friendly recipes, and also offered tips on pantry staples and what items to have on hand, to help keep those hunger monsters from driving you completely nuts! Well, you know what I mean…we can all be a little “nasty” when hunger sets in!

A few of the items she suggests keeping stocked in our kitchens that keep, are fresh eggs, crackers & pretzels, frozen veggies and peanut butter. Chef Rebekah’s ideas and tips can all be found at