CC Sabathia Baseball Camp

Posted on May 23 2019 - 10:12am by Aubrey

We are FANS. CC Sabathia held a baseball camp for kids last month in his hometown Vallejo through his PitCCh In Foundation, and it was nothing short of an amazing experience for my son. I literally stumbled upon the opportunity while browsing Facebook one night as I was trying to get myself to fall asleep, and when I saw that it was a FREE one-day camp with an MLB pro, I registered right then and there, with one eye open! And, it’s a good thing I did, because the open spots went fast.

My little slugger.

Anyway, since it was our first “pro” camp, I didn’t want to put too high of an expectation. My main goal was giving him a new experience with a pro and overall hoping he had a great time! A company called ProCamps ran the events, and from the time we checked into when we left, it was all smiles.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t grow up being the biggest baseball fan, so I wasn’t too familiar with CC, other than I knew he was a big name pitcher on a hugely popular team, the New York Yankees. Both of my boys have taken up the sport through little league, so I was really excited for my older son to participate. There was a little bit of envy, as I only signed up my older son (it said grades 1-8 to register), and my little man had to sit this one out.

At the start of camp, the kids break out in small groups by age, then they do all sorts of drills with hands-on instruction, they bring the kids in for group talks with CC and staff, then more baseball skills stations, speed contests, and scrimmages too.

As far as the skill level of the kids attending, they had kids who play travel ball to some who may’ve gotten their first taste of playing organized baseball that day. In our case, I really loved the focus and effort my 6-year old put in during the event. Regardless, they kept all the kids engaged from start to finish in a high-energy, fun, and positive environment.

Plus, CC took a “team” photo with all the kids, they received a camp shirt to keep, plus an autographed photo cards and free pizza!! Thank you so much to CC Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation and his family for hosting such an amazing community event. So far in 2019, it has been the top highlight of my son’s year. It’s super awesome that this initial experience of pro camp was so organized, fun and memorable. We are FANS.