Top Moments of 2018

Posted on Dec 31 2018 - 9:20am by Aubrey

The days, months, years as a parent fly by, as much as we focus on just getting through a day and look forward to trips, events and making memories, sometimes those achievements and milestones all start to blend. So, since today is the last day of 2018, I decided I want to reflect on some of our top moments in the past year.

Texas – For Spring Break we traveled to Texas and visited family and friends in Dallas and Houston. We watched a Dallas Mavericks game, went to the Houston Zoo, Space Center Houston and Kemah Boardwalk. It’s great to be able to expand their minds, show them new places and watch as they explore.

Baseball – From our farm ball team, to summer league, taking in several Oakland A’s games and ending the year with winter baseball camp, the boys definitely have a love for the game.

Photo Shoot – We booked our first lifestyle print modeling gig together, as a Mom and two sons! It’s easy work for them…they had to play with toys for the gig.

California Adventure – I had a work trip to Anaheim to check out Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort, and I was able to bring the boys along for the ride! It was a quick one day trip for them, fly down to SoCal in the morning, then last flight back home at night… I had to explain to them, that’s not “normal,” and that they were very lucky to have that experience.

Pre-K Graduate – Isaiah successfully completed preschool and couldn’t wait to join his big bro in elementary school.

Hawaii – The Hawaiian Islands are probably my most favorite places to visit, and this year I was able to take the boys to Maui to get their first taste of aloha. They loved it, and they think this will be a yearly adventure now!

4th of July Parade – Every year our city has an Independence Day parade and for the second year in a row, the boys were in it!

School – This fall, both of them started at the same school on the same schedule. I have a kindergartener and a first grader, seriously…this is when I’m thinking time needs to slow down!


Green Fish – The local swimming pool association where we live offers free KinderSwim lessons for kindergarteners in the spring and fall. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for the kids to really get comfortable in the water and swim with classmates. My boys each took it a step further by earning “green fish,” which means they can torpedo across the pool, front and back and also tread water for 5 MINUTES! I’m still beyond amazed at the accomplishment.

Disney World – An October trip to Florida gave me the opportunity to make a quick stop in Orlando to take the boys to Disney World and Hollywood Studios. We stood in line for nearly 3 hours and endured 2 rain delays while trying to get on the Slinky Dog roller coaster in Toy Story Land. I think the fact that my boys actually endured the wait and saw it through to actually get on the ride is HUGE in itself.

Turkey Trot – For the second Turkey Day in a row, my boys participated in the Oakland Turkey Trot fun run called, “Stomper’s Stomp.” There was an absolute downpour as soon as the race started, but it didn’t stop my love bugs from being the first to finish!

What a year!! And now- time to do it all again… more memories, milestones and Mom-life!