Party Invites ONLINE!

Posted on Jun 26 2018 - 1:00pm by Aubrey


I am a fan of online (event) invitations. The ease of creating an event invite, tracking responses and even updating/changing event details as needed, makes it very easy. Plus, I don’t have to worry about printing anything, envelopes, postage and getting to the post office, etc… That being said, I do also like setting the “tone” if you will for my event. I’m big on presentation and playing up a theme, and when I can flex my novice design skills + have the time, I like to see what I can whip up.

Well, it’s now the time of year when my boys will be celebrating another birthday milestone, and since they are such big basketball fans, I wanted to create an invitation that captures their enthusiasm for their favorite basketball team. I found some inspiration online and made a custom invite that looks like a ticket to a basketball game. I pondered printing them out and using snail mail, but that’s when I discovered Paperless Post has an “Upload Your Own” feature. BINGO!

The only issue was that my custom ticket design didn’t quite fit the preferred dimensions on the upload your own tool, so I thought the idea would be awash…But lo and behold, I reached out to their customer service to see if they could give me an “assist” (pun intended), and within 24 hours, they adjusted the dimensions to accommodate my design. A total SLAM DUNK!