Kindergarten School Days

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 7:36am by Aubrey


Time flies! We’re just about 4 weeks into the school year and my older son’s foray into Kindergarten. Overall, he’s enjoying it and things are going pretty well. Here’s a look back  into our first 4 weeks…


First day of school went very smooth, Raef was excited to see some friends he already knew from ARPD Tiny Tots as well as TBall and day care programs. He lined up first by his classroom too!

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This year we didn’t do any official back to school shopping, but we did purchase a new backpack (TMNT) and his one request was to have his name on it, so we got it embroidered..and it was well worth it!


Eagle Eye!! At his school they award “eagle eye” recognition for children who are seen following directions, listening attentively, being kind, etc… Raef was the first one in his kindergarten class to receive this award and he was also recognized in front of the entire school during the Wednesday morning meeting.

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Back to School Night was nice, I made sure to ask his teacher what supplies and/or extras she would like to make this year easier. We got lots of info about all-day kindergarten and what types of curriculum that will be taught. It was also fun to see Raef’s self portrait hanging up on the wall in his class. *Note – We are still learning ways to manage with the after school “emotions” and meltdowns, as well as trying to implement an earlier bedtime.


A trip to the dentist was also on the agenda. Both my boys had their semi-annual teeth cleanings, and while Raef doesn’t have any cavities, we need to stay on top of it so he doesn’t get any! One plus of his teacher is that she doesn’t allow any sweets, no candy, cookies, chips, etc… Unhealthy snacks get sent home, so that helps me keep his sugar to a minimum.


Finally, with this week came picture day. I can totally remember “picture day” being such a big deal, what to wear, how to fix my hair…but for a 5-year old boy maybe not such a big thing, right? Well, mine actually wanted a certain haircut and proceeded to carry his comb around with him, even as we attended the birthday party of one of his classmates the evening before…lol! His Dad attended his first PTA meeting and we may’ve also lost our first jacket. At any rate, we’re enjoying the start of the school-age ride and can’t wait to see what comes next!