SoCal Stop: Knott’s Berry Farm

Posted on Apr 28 2017 - 9:29pm by Aubrey

The kids and I trekked to Knott’s Barry Farm recently. We were in Orange County to visit some friends and while I wanted to take them to an amusement park, I didn’t want to take them to that park this time around. One reason, is it would be just me with the two boys and I preferred a lower key option. Second, I have fond memories of Knott’s Berry Farm from my own childhood. We would frequent this park during our family trips to LA since I had cousins who worked there!


We went on a Sunday, and while there was a good size crowd, it wasn’t overrun or too crazy. We pretty much spent 98% of our day in Camp Snoopy…the children’s area. The boys got on every ride from the kiddie coaster to the kite flyer, the train and the huff and puff! Matter of fact, the only time we left our area was to ride the Stage Coach. Yes, a real stage coach ride with horses and all…we saved that for our last ‘ride’ of the day.

The cost of food was pretty much what I expected… On the menu they didn’t have a kid’s meal posted, but when I inquired, I was happy to find out they had one and it was a pretty good value. The kid meal even came in a very sturdy plastic Snoopy lunchbox…can we say souvenir! SCORE!!


A highlight of the day was watching the live performance with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang. Since it wasn’t too crowded, my boys felt comfortable getting up and joining in the parade during the stage performance and following the show we took advantage of the character photo opportunity, which had my 3-year old grinning from ear to ear.


Overall, it was a very nice, manageable outing…the kid’s got their fix on thrill rides and amusement park atmosphere and I managed to have fun too!