SB50 NFL Experience in San Francisco

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 6:13pm by Aubrey


When the Super Bowl comes to your city, it’s an exciting time. There’s a huge influx of visitors, all kinds of events and happenings around town, plus the fanfare that comes along with pro sports and star athletes. Yes, there’s extra traffic, congestion, street closures and other inconveniences, BUT seriously, it’s only for a short period of time and you might as well roll with it, rather than fight it and complain, right!?

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I have been lucky enough to cover the Super Bowl as a part of the “media” in Miami, Tampa and Arizona – all of that pre-mommy, so this time around, as it hits the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m taking advantage of what it has to offer from a parenting perspective. I think the NFL does a really great job of community outreach with the youth, as well as providing programs and ways for the younger generations of sports fan to get involved and be a little closer to the game.

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All that being said, we took our youngin’s to the NFL Experience at Moscone Center on the 2nd day it was open, and had a family day at the event. There are so many different items of interest for just about every age level and ability. From running, to throwing, kicking and “tackling,” lots of physical activity to indulge in..and that my boys did! Toddlers they are, but on this day, they felt like they could “run” with the big boys…

The NFL Experience also had many designated “Play 60” areas, exclusively designed to fit “small frys.” It’s had all the kick, pass, run, jump well as an area for arts and crafts and (video) gaming. It was refreshing to sit back and watch our boys enjoy being in the mix of things. Lots of high fives and praise for doing their best and having fun!

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Obviously it helps to be a football fan, but that’s not a requirement to enjoy what the “experience” has to offer. There are Hall of Fame and Museum type exhibits and all kinds of memorabilia and displays for all things pro football. Lots of facts and history and visuals to get you pumped about the game! Our toddlers certainly got a kick out of everything RAIDERS and some of the other team stuff they recognized too.

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The event also includes all kinds of special sponsor booths with their own spin on the big game and incorporating their branding…did I mention plenty of giveaways too? My boys became obsessed with the Hyundai vehicles on display, as if they were going to be able to drive off with one.. And honestly, I think that was their favorite attraction! LOL…go figure!

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