Haute Mom: Michelle Gilmore

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 11:15am by Aubrey

me and the girls

Name: Michelle L. Gilmore
Children: Sienna Cole and Hayden Belle
Current Location: San Diego, CA
Quick Bio: I am a singly mommy, Paralegal and business owner of Lipstick & Luster. I specialize in making faces glamorous.  I am proof that mommies can do it all – no cape necessary!

Q: What is your “go to” snack/toy/show/trick when your kids start to fuss?
A: My “go to” distraction with my kiddos is the beach. Southern California is warm throughout the year, so the little ones and I go often.  Not only that, but exposing them to the ocean, and its marvelous creatures is endless fun! The girls get to learn about marine life while soaking up vitamin D!

Q: How do you balance being a Mommy and keeping your sense of self?  
A: Balancing being a single Mommy and keeping a sense of oneself is important.  I have always been incredibly active, so I have continued by allowing myself gym time daily. Gym time allows this lady to get out the days’ frustrations and stress, all while doing something healthy and positive for ME.  Having “Mommy” time, I feel, makes ME a better Mommy!

Q: What is your favorite piece of advice to new Moms?
A: When the little ones go down – you go down too!  I remember when my husband was deployed and I had a newborn and toddler, I would always try to do laundry, clean, etc.  I learned VERY quickly, that nap time was nap time for all!

Q: How do you incorporate fitness into your daily routine?
A: Most gyms are wonderful, in that they allow babies starting at the 6 month mark to be cared for in their day care.  If you are a mom too afraid to leave a newborn at a gym, there is also the option of purchasing a baby jogger, and joining groups such as Stroller Strides, etc. Not only does this give moms the opportunity to meet new moms and socialize, but gives mom the opportunity to work out.

Q: How would you describe your parenting style?
A: With my first child, I was a wreck!!  After the second, I became more laid back.

Q: Share your best or favorite place for a family vacation and tell us why.
A: San Diego is like a vacation paradise. It has so many wonderful places to see, all while enjoying the perfect climate with your family!

Q: Share something you have learned about yourself since you became a Mom.
A: Since becoming a Mom, I can honestly say that I have become a stronger woman.  It is because of my precious angels, that I work hard, and have realized just how resilient I actually am. Being a single mom is not the ideal situation; however, I am teaching my little ones that despite life’s hardships, single Mom can prevail!