Maddy Wear: Bibs Beyond Basic

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 11:42am by Aubrey


A bib is a bib is a bib right!?!? WRONG! Sure, we use them on our little ones to catch all the excess drool or to attempt and make feeding time a little less messy…but somehow, sometimes, whatever we were trying to avoid is unavoidable! Well, I came across a very cool take on the traditional bib. It’s trendy, functional, unique, reversible and handmade. Did I mention this bib is also eco-friendly and easy to wash!?!?! It’s called Maddy Wear and I came across it after a good friend of mine raved about how GREAT it is!!


The bibs are super stylish and come in all kinds of fun prints for a wide variety of characters! I mean Maddy Wear is more like a fun accessory you can add to your baby’s wardrobe, then just some random bib you’re using to take care of the “dirty” work. These tank-style bibs do not need to be pulled over the head and have snaps at each shoulder and along one side, to easily get on your little one and secure, so they aren’t ripping it off their necks and tearing the velcro fastener apart…like with a typical bib. Designed and made by Amanda Thompson of Seattle, Washington, with “100% love… “The bibs have no designated front and are reversible. One bib can be used four times, which supports an eco-friendly lifestyle. An additional bonus to the 4 in 1 aspect is the need to only pack one for a day outing.”

Maddy Wear bibs are made in 6, 12 and 18 month sizes (S,M,L) and are designed to have a “larger fit” to be comfortable over clothing and span many months as your child grows. Plus – beyond the bibs, Maddy Wear also offers burps cloths, child aprons and blankets too. I love all of the fun fabrics she works with and if you want a truly unique gift for a baby shower or 1st birthday…this definitely is a good, useful idea! 😉

Maddy Wear products are available online via Etsy >>