Gobble, Gobble: Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Posted on Nov 19 2013 - 4:27pm by Aubrey


A good friend of mine makes these Turkey Cookie treats every year for Thanksgiving. Not only are these turkey cookies a fun and festive treat, but it’s a cooking activity the whole family can get in on …just form an assembly line!

Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn
Rice Krispy Treats

Step One: Split the Oreo Cookies in half, clearing the cream off one side and leaving it on the other.

Step Two: Add icing to the candy corn, and press 5 of them down onto the cleared off side of the Oreo cookie.

This makes the pretty “turkey feathers!”

Step Three: Make Rice Krispies per normal (see recipe on cereal box), then with damp hands shape them into ball shapes and lay onto “turkey feather” side of the cookie. Then “stand up” on cream side to make them all stick together and finish off with a chocolate chip! Gobble Gobble! Enjoy!!!