Sidewalk Chalk Art Mosaic

Posted on Apr 8 2020 - 1:38pm by Aubrey

I’ve been taking my queue from social media and other photos I’ve seen posted by my fellow Mommy friends, as far as activities and things to do with the kids while we shelter in place. An easy, yet fun and creative project is to make your own mosaic with sidewalk chalk! I have also seen this done on windows too.

It’s a pretty simple activity for any age, toddlers on up…and the only supplies you need are tape – we used blue painters tape, and the chalk! I purchased the $1 chalk tubs at Target and found the tape there as too, but I’m sure you can find these items at the dollar stores or other arts and crafts and school supply aisles! You can use your imagination to lay it out however you please. We decided to create a star. The first thing I did was lay out the outline of a star, then I criss-crossed the tape to create smaller shapes within out star for several spaces to create our mosaic.

Another nice thing about this project is you can do it as a family, or the kids can divide up the spaces that need to be filled in or they can even do it solo.

I really enjoyed seeing my boys take some time to plot out what colors they would use, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. I encouraged them to use all the colors and make it their own.

Plus, after being home for a few weeks, it was nice to enjoy the fresh air and just be…let those creative juices flow!

Perhaps the most satisfying part of the project…pulling up the tape and seeing the big reveal!