Kids Haircuts without the Stress

Posted on Nov 10 2019 - 2:19pm by Aubrey

If you’re a parent who has ever felt a little anxiety when it comes to taking your kid for a haircut, I feel you. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like something that is a big deal, because as an adult having someone else tame my mane is an outing I look forward to, but not so much for the kiddos.

The first time you take your baby for a hair cut, it’s a milestone. It’s like a step toward “big kid” status, a sign of growing up. And while it’s exciting and new, there is also the stress of finding the right place to have the cut done and wondering if your child will cooperate and stay still.

As the years go on, the challenges change, but making the “you’re getting a haircut” announcement is often met with a non-compliant response. My boys are always stuck on having a particular haircut and when I ask when they want to go, they will keep putting it off! For the most part, it’s a chore I have left for their Dad, but “surprise,” he doesn’t make it a priority.

All this to say, that a recent trip to Pigtails and Crewcuts in Sacramento’s Natomas neighborhood, proved to be a success! I first met the salon’s owner and one of their stylists when they came on my show to do a segment about the salon and the services there. They then invited me to take my boys and experience what they offer, and I’m so happy to say it was quick and easy!

The salon is family-friendly and fun. There’s a dedicated playroom for kids to play and hangout whil they wait around. There’s also a full size train table and lots of TV screens with movies and video games for the older kids.

Children can elect to have their cuts done in a number of different vehicle chairs they have…my 7-year old insisted on sitting in the train and he loved it. They also have regular chairs for the rest of the family (mom and dad) to have their hair did too!

One thing that is so great for parents is, it’s a busy atmosphere, so making noise and the chaos that comes with kids is perfectly fine. They are used to it, they welcome it and their stylists can work with it. I was pretty amazed at how quickly they got the cuts done, even with the boys moving around and being easily distracted. Plus the stylists were very personable and easy to work with…and being kid-friendly is key!

I would highly recommend for other parents to give Pigtails and Crewcuts a try. The prices are very reasonable and the service was great. Plus they even gave my kids a little “color” (non-permanent) to complete their looks! After the service was finished, they offered my kids animal crackers and a prize from the treasure chest. And — the salon also offers other items for sale and you can even do a kid’s “spa” party there too!