Holiday Cards Easy as 1, 2, 3

Posted on Dec 20 2018 - 11:57am by Aubrey

It’s true what they say, the holiday season seems to comes faster and faster every year. It’s like as soon as Halloween rolls around, retailers are rolling out the trees, lights and gift wrap too!

When it comes to sending out holiday greeting cards, you really have to be on it, often getting your game plan in place when summer turns to fall! I’m sure you know what I mean…the most popular Christmas cards are no longer seasonal prints that you sign and ship off! These days it’s all about a holiday photo shoot with the family and crafting. A custom message or greeting to share with your closest family and friends, which I love by the way. It’s always fun to receive these beautiful cards in the mail.

Alright, so let me get to the point of my post. If you can get all of the above done and sent as soon as Thanksgiving passes, good for you…but that hasn’t happened for me in recent years. Taking a “nice” family photo is a very challenging situation for me and it causes stress. So, my solution this year was to use Paperless Post!

Paperless Post is an online card site that i have used to send out invitations and birthday greetings, so why not use them for my holidays cards too! They have a great selection of templates that you can easily personalize and select your background design, envelope color and liner, plus the stamp you want in it too!

I love that it’s also an environmentally-friendly way to send an immediate greeting, that still has a handcrafted, personal feel. I created this year’s holiday cards in about 30 minutes, picking the design was my toughest task! I simply used a snap of my boys from my camera roll, customized my greeting, input my email list and pressed send! That’s a bonus too, you can track who has been able to open and view the card and easily add more recipients as you wish.

So, if you still want to spread some holiday cheer and make it “your own,” it’s not too late, you could even just spin it into a Happy New Year greeting too. Pop on over to Paperless Post and get it down today!