Dinosaur Dig Dessert

Posted on Mar 26 2017 - 10:17pm by Aubrey

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This post is long overdue! Last summer while crafting my boy’s’ joint 3rd and 4th “Dinosaur Dig” birthday party, I had so much fun planning decor and activities…and I also managed to find inspiration and create a themed dessert that looked like dinosaurs in the dirt!

It was super easy to do and tasted pretty good as well, although I do think some of the preschool crowd was a bit skeptical until they discovered what was inside!


At any rate, it was super easy to do and here’s what you’ll need:

Chocolate pudding – I bought a couple packs of the 12-cup Snack Pack pudding

Oreo Cookies – generic chocolate creme cookies work too!

Dinosaur Gummies – I had to hunt around for these and ended up ordering (more than I needed) on Amazon.

Once I had all my ingredients, it was easy to assemble day of the party – my baby sister and sister-in-law assisted! We emptied out about half of the pudding from each cup into a clear cup – so if you buy a 12-pack, you can actually get 24 treats out of it, then added a layer of crushed cookies (do this ahead of time), I simply took a handful of cookies and put into a zipped plastic bag and crushed them up! Then, for the final touch, add a few dinosaur gummies to the top…honestly, 2 is good, 3 is plenty. And, that’s it, ready to serve! RAWR!!



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