My Kiddos Krushed It!

Posted on Apr 20 2015 - 2:09pm by Aubrey

photo 1

My toddlers “Krushed It” over the weekend in a 1k fun run for the Kettle Krush 2015 event. Last year, we did it for the first time, so it was a must, to return this year. I am by no means a runner, matter of fact, I have a ton of friends who’ve taken up running and doing these runs as their favorite weekend activities…I have always maintained I can support, but I am better suited for cheering them on along the course and greeting them at the finish line.

photo 2

A 1k though, a “fun run”…no problem! What I really like about this race, besides the short distance, is that it takes place at a (minor league) ballpark not far from our home, Harbor Park. The course takes racers through the parking lot before eventually, entering at field level and crossing the finish line at home base.

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Another fun novelty during this run is that since the event benefits the Salvation Army and its name “Kettle Krush” is meant to bring awareness to the fact that the organization needs community support all year long, the runners are given a little bag with quarters at the halfway mark, to then drop in the red kettle when they finish the race. My boys absolutely love that part… It is kind of a distraction though because when they first get the coins, they think they’re done and so I had to open their bag of quarters to let them actually hold them as they ran!

photo 6

Other pluses of doing this run, is that everyone can “run” and even my little guys can make it to the finish line at their young age. Also, given all the energy they have in the morning, it’s a nice way for them to get some of it out and enjoy family time, and doing something together. They wore their finisher medals with so much pride, and the nap they took afterwards wasn’t bad either!

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On the way out, the kids got to “high five” the Norfolk Tides’ mascot Rip Tide, and munched on post-race bananas!

***NOTE – The only hazard on this outing was that they kept wanting to rip the race bibs off their shirts! LOL!!