Dressing Like a…MOM!?!?

Posted on Mar 27 2015 - 2:36pm by Aubrey

There are stacks of denim jeans I have that I wore pre-mommyhood, that still sit in my closet, because I might just wear them again. For me the issue isn’t fitting into them, although a few are on the snug side, but more like they just don’t fit the same. The same can be said for lots of the other pieces of clothing I have hanging in my closet and in my drawers. There are tops, dresses and other garments that used to be my main staples, but these days, not so much.


I will admit becoming a Mom has influenced my “style.” The most typical of my outfits – on a day when I’m with the kids, is yoga pants and a long t-shirt or tank…flip flops or tennis shoes to keep it comfy on my feet. The days where I actually put on a pair of jeans is almost something special…and I usually opt for my most stretchy pairs too! I recall one of the first pairs of jeans I bought after having my first baby…my “Mommy jeans”..they were high-waisted and so much less about showing off my curves and more about concealing the new ones! haha!


When it came to parent/child swim lessons, I pondered the appropriate type of swimsuit to wear for my kid’s class… it just didn’t feel quite right to wear a triangle top, 2 piece bikini if you know what I mean. But being in Miami, the other Moms didn’t seem to mind being skimpy, even though I still had an uneasy feeling about it. I finally settled on a bandeau style bikini top with a full coverage bottom!


I applaud the Moms who can rock their bods with no shame and all the confidence they need, but for me…I do feel like I need to dress like a Mom! So, what does that mean? Well, for me that means wearing clothes that are functional and appropriate for getting down and dirty with the tots. Outfits that can go from the playground to the grocery store and for a walk around the block. By no means do I think I need to give up style, but at the end of the day, my mantra is it’s not what you wear but how you wear it!


So here’s my fashion advice for Mommy’s who may feel like me. Keep the black yoga pants handy and invest in a few bright colored tops that will make your skin pop and keep you feeling “sunny.” Invest in a cute pair of kicks or some kind of footwear to keep up with the babies too. Before I had babes, I didn’t have any flat shoes…now I have a couple and will pick wedges over stiletto’s any day! Stay away from tops that are too low cut or clingy, maybe save those to feel a little extra special and sexy when it’s a date night with the mister. Find a couple pair of jeans that fit and compliment what may be new hips and a waistline.


Don’t be afraid to veer away from the styles you used to wear and try on something new. Always keep some statement jewelry handy. A pretty necklace or fun earrings can dress up a plain colored tee or tank and also give it some glam. I love to keep a nice bag/purse handy too, because even if I’m in my sweats, a nice handbag can certainly up your image, even if it is your child’s character backpack! And – finally, even though I always forget mine at home….keep the sunnies handy! Sunglasses can mask the tired eyes that you didn’t have time to make-up and actually give you a chic, put together vibe.