Injecting the HEALTHY into a Kid’s Lifestyle

Posted on Mar 24 2015 - 2:01pm by Aubrey


When it comes to being “healthy” it can bean ongoing struggle. Everyone has their own idea of what healthy is and how to achieve it. I know some Moms and families try to go the organic and all-natural route, no matter what the cost…while there are others who keep the kids “granola” and not let them have anything that resembles sweets or sugar, and then some parents like me, who try to be healthy but tend to mix it up with other options too.

So when I say “try” to be healthy, I mean of course I strive to provide healthy balanced meals and snacks for my boys. I’m constantly offering them fresh fruits and vegetables, water and non-processed food, but I’d be remiss to claim I NEVER let them dabble on the “non-healthy” side. I guess I justify it as when I was growing up this whole “health” fad wasn’t as prevalent as it is now, and I turned out fine. Sure, my parents worked hard to put healthy options on the table, but I wasn’t deprived of the “fun” stuff either!

Now as a parent I take a similar approach. Teaching our kids to lead a healthy lifestyle starts with what they put into their bodies, but it also encompasses things like physical health and activity along with  mental stimulation and a positive attitude…all of which start with what we put into our bodies.


I’m a firm believer that we can help our kids begin healthy habits now in all the aforementioned ways. I’ll tell you what, I am on the constant look out for better ways to nourish them with foods and snacks. One of my favorite go-to’s when we hit the road and for our snack bag, are fruit and yogurt pouches. They are easy to carry around and you don’t need anything extra, just pop the top and serve. There’s a huge market for these right now with all flavors, brands and types of pouches. Matter of fact when we hit the store and cruise down an aisle with pouches, my boys can’t make it past the stuff without having to open and consume one while we shop…yes, It’s a problem!

But, what makes me feel better is when it’s a “healthy” option. We’ve tried just about every variety for applesauce and various fruit and veggie mixes, to yogurt and smoothie combos. I’m actually really excited about the new Chobani yogurt options for tots and kids. I think we’ve certainly come to recognize Chobani as a yogurt of choice for many and the “Greek” part of the equation has an even healthier ring to it. According to their website they only use natural ingredients and they have less sugar. I also like the twist off cap feature and how they incorporate some of my boys’ favorite characters, like Spiderman or Winnie the Pooh for the younger set, to make it that much more attractive.

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My top uses for yogurt pouches and tubes:

  • easy (and healthy) snacks on the go
  • freeze for yogurt pops
  • use a new pack, or whatever they don’t finish, and blend into a smoothie