Haute Mom: Mary Kathryn Wood

Posted on Aug 13 2014 - 12:24pm by Aubrey

10462995_10152533172785450_1000928058798471033_nName: Mary Kathryn Wood “WooWoo”
Child & Age: Maggie, 3 Years Old
Hometown/Current Location: Born & Raised in Norfolk, Va
Quick Bio: Radio Personality on 94.9 The Point for the last 12 years! Started as an intern when I was a senior at Maury High School & worked my way up to having my own show! Hard work & dedication – plus persistence paid off! I am married to McCoy Wood (married since November 2007) and we have 1 daughter Maggie. I am the youngest of 4 kids. My parents still live in Norfolk – my sister is in Norfolk, 1 brother lives in Richmond, the other is in Chesapeake. Yes – my brothers are twins. And my mom is a twin! Thus the reason I think 1 kid is enough. HA HA! I love working on the radio – all the fun, the live music, the interaction with the community. I have helped to raise over $3 Million for CHKD via our annual 94.9 The Point Radiothon. I love running, margaritas at Luna Maya & going to the beach with Maggie.

Q: What is your “go to” snack/toy/show/trick when your kids start to fuss?
A: Goldfish and Lollipops! HA HA! Also – the promise of a bike ride to the park or a trip to the beach can usually get Maggie out of a funky mood. I am not below bribery.

Q: What is your favorite piece of advice to new Moms?
A: If you are happy, your baby will be happy! Babies & Kids can pick up when Mom is in a bad mood … so I always try to be happy & positive when I am around Maggie. Also – go with your gut. Sometimes getting advice & opinions from friends/family/the internet can only make you do something you as a parent don’t feel right with. Go with your gut.

Q: How do you incorporate fitness into your daily routine?
A: This is a big part of my day! I always make time for a work out … no excuses. I work a full day – and usually pick up Maggie by 12 Noon. I will either work in a 30 minute run before 12, or go to a yoga or Pure Barre class at night around 7PM. I try to work out at least 6 days a week. It isn’t always the same thing – but running/yoga/Pure Barre are my favorite things right now.

Q: How would you describe your parenting style?
A: I think I am 90% fun – 10% disciplinarian. But I think McCoy & I hit the kid lottery. Maggie has been the easiest & happiest little girl since the day we brought her home. We have never had an on the floor temper tantrum or meltdowns in the Target toy aisle. Terrible 2’s did not happen for us. It was Terrific 2’s! *Knock on Wood* But really – she is just an awesome, well mannered, happy little girl. I think her attitude is definitely a reflection of how we parent her. She really is a special little thing & I think seeing her mom & Dad laughing & enjoying life makes her realize there is no reason to lay on the floor screaming. But ask me this again when she’s 16!