Haute Mom: Nicole Rosenstiel

Posted on Mar 19 2014 - 11:00am by Aubrey

nicoler2Name: Nicole Rosenstiel
Children & Ages: Jacob (7) Avarie (5)
Hometown/Current Location: Napa, CA
Quick Bio: I am inventive, creative, focused and resourceful CEO of the Rosenstiel Family and Graphic Designer / Proprietor of Rosenstiel Designs  (rosenstieldesigns.com). My prior life experiences as a NFL Cheerleader and Police Officer have had such a positive influence on me. Those experiences have given me the strength, confidence and determination to be a positive role model for my children.

Q: What is your “go to” snack/toy/show/trick when your kids start to fuss?
A: My “go to” when my kids begin to argue is to divert their attention by asking really off the wall random & funny questions. They usually answer the question with a laugh. It really resets their attitudes! For instance, “What color do you think a rainbow poops?” The answers they come up with will make you laugh as well.

Q: How do you balance being a Mommy and keeping your sense of self?
A: I try to find a little me time at some point in the day – even if it is listening to the music I want to hear –  while drinking my favorite coffee –  alone –  in my car on the way to work. I try focus on that “me” moment and make it count!

Q: What is your favorite piece of advice to new Moms?
A: BE FLEXIBLE!!!  Very rarely does anything go as plan – adapt and overcome!

 Q: Describe your “Haute Mom” (fashion) style!
A: A dress and a bun!  It looks like I am put together, but it literally takes 5 minutes to get ready!