Haute Mom: Allison Sokol

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 11:51am by Aubrey

allison personal 1031Name: Allison Krongold Sokol
Children & Ages: Jake (16); Sophie (14); Caroline(12); Isaac (8)
Hometown/Current Location: Miami/ Miami Beach
Quick Bio:  I co-founded, along with my business partner Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd (a renowned dermatologist specializing in pigmentation), Specific Beauty, a skincare line focused on evening skin tone and erasing away brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles – www.specificbeauty.com. I attended the University of Florida and am one of four girls. I want to instill the values in my children as my parents did in me (Family always comes first no matter what; good work ethic – work hard for what you want and never take ‘No” as an answer just a small hurtle; always give back to those in need; never take anything for granted). I try and demonstrate all of these values to my children and not just talk about them (example: I believed in a need for a new Miami Beach JCC and got it done); active in helping and mentoring other woman; Belong to The Common Wealth Institute (woman helping woman).

Q: What is your “go to” snack/toy/show/trick when your kids start to fuss?
A: We bake cookies, UM Games, American Idol, Shark Tank, round of family basketball and family Texas Holdem

Q: How do you balance being a Mommy and keeping your sense of self?
A: I reflect how lucky I am and so blessed in my life so not to take anything for granted.. This keeps me grounded and able to cope with total kaos.

Q: What is your favorite piece of advice to new Moms?
A: Take a lot of deep breaths! Enjoy and take everything in because time flies!

Q: How do you incorporate fitness into your daily routine?
A: I wish driving carpool counted as exercise!  I try to get in at least 2-3 days of something. I love Pilates.

Q: How would you describe your parenting style?
A: Don’t stress about the little things, I am strict with big things and let my children know that I am here to listen and not judge (which is not always easy), but this way they talk to me about things and I try and lead them down the right path.

Q: Share your best or favorite place for a family vacation and tell us why.
A: I really like any family vacation because it gives us a chance to be together as a family unit. I also take each child (throughout the year), on a weekend trip alone, which gives me a chance to have some one-on-one time with each one of my kids.

Q: What’s your most memorable Mommy moment to date?
A: Celebrating each child’s birthday by decorating their room while they are sleeping the night before, and then in the morning (the entire family) with breakfast in bed and singing happy birthday. Going into labor early with my fourth son Isaac, due to Hurricane Katrina (was suppose to be a tropical stom and barometric pressure dropped); planning and celebrating my son’s bar mitzvah as well as my daughters bat mitzvah.

Q: As a Mommy what is it that you feel you do “right”?
A: That family comes first and no matter what we have to be there for each other.

Q: Share something you have learned about yourself since you became a Mom.
A: I can handle a lot at one time, and that I enjoy more than anything being together with them.

Q: Describe your “Haute Mom” (fashion) style!
A: Classic with a funky twist! I love one of a kind pieces, and I really love shoes!!

Q: What’s the best surprise you’ve ever done for your kids/family?
A: My sisters and I planned a surprise 70th birthday excursion (with husbands) for my Dad to his home state of West Virginia. But, I have to confess we stayed at a five star resort.