Biggest Baby Shower – Miami

Posted on Feb 10 2014 - 11:44am by Aubrey

Any first time parent can relate to the overwhelming task of figuring out the ins and outs of baby products, trying to pick a stroller, baby furniture, create a registry, etc… And — if you’re ever cruised the aisles of baby stuff at the stores without doing your homework, it can be a mind-blowing experience! Well, that’s where the “Biggest Baby Shower” comes in. The event, hosted by Big City Moms, features more than 100 of the best baby and parenting companies in the industry and the “expo” is jam-packed with demonstrations, sampling, products, pampering, educational seminars, etc… you name it!


So, when I heard the Biggest Baby Shower was making a Miami stop, I just had to check it out. My first impression was tons of great stuff going on, and although I’m not exactly a new Mommy anymore, I’m not that far removed…BUT I was amazed at all the new stuff that’s come out since I had my 2 in the 53 week span of July 3, 2012 – July 10, 2013. From new generations of strollers and baby bottles to prenatal drinks to help you get the proper nutrition and folic acid intake while pregnant! I almost felt like I need to get pregnant again just to be able to use some of this stuff…but uh, nah, not right now!


Anyhow, one of my favorite features of the event was the long row of infant travel systems and strollers. There were brands I had previously researched, and others I had never even heard of… like Joovy, Armadillo, Uppa Baby, Chicco, Orbit Baby, and many more. They were all there available to test drive, with product experts on hand to explain all the features AND answer any and all questions you might have about the different products. Actually all the products there had very knowledgeable reps on hand who took the time to talk with you and familiarize you with what was what and what this and that were for! I mean ultimately, you’re going to have to sort of “assume” or guess which products are going to work for you and your baby, and sometimes it’s trial and error before finding the right pacifier, bottle or stroller, but if you educate yourself ahead of time, or really decide your needs and what’s most important to you, going to this event can help take a lot of the guesswork out and lead you to make an informed decision!

IMG_0816 IMG_0812

Some of the highlights of my rounds around the ballroom were…

  • A (real life) mom who swears by Dr. Smiths Diaper Ointment. She couldn’t stop telling me how wonderful the stuff is and how well it’s worked for her and her children.
  • I sampled Bundle, an organic prenatal beverage …the “Kale” flavor. Hey, folic acid in a bottle! 😉
  • The ladies at the Philips Avent display showed off some of their new bottles to me, while explaining the difference between the different versions they offer. I currently use the traditional bottles for Isaiah.
  • I stopped by the Pediped table, where I saw some of the cutest footwear for babies and toddlers. Shoes are important for growing feet!
  • Lots of organic baby food on hand – Ella’s, Earth’s Best and Happy Family, which are all popular with my babes.IMG_0815

However, I MUST mention the gift bags…these things were beyond major!!! Talk about filled to the brim and completely stuffed with diapers, wipes, bottles, lotions, feeding containers, etc…. The fabulous gift bags were overflowing, stocked full of great products and not just tiny sample size giveaways! If the “admission fee” is a hang up for you, this bag is worth way more than that….so, TOTALLY worth it! I mean seriously, it weighed so much, that I wasn’t sure my arm was going to make it back to the car. So if you’re expecting, want to be expecting or have a newborn at home, and want to get a more intimate, closeup view of all things baby – not in a typical retail environment, go to and find out when the “Biggest Baby Shower” is making a stop in a city by you!