Holiday Treats: Reindeer Cookies

Posted on Dec 13 2013 - 11:57am by Aubrey


Who is Santa without his reindeer? These guys just don’t get enough credit for carrying Santa and all his gift’s around the world on Christmas Eve…but they sure do make cute cookies…that are super easy for anyone, even your little ones, to make!

Sugar Cookies – bake your own or buy a ready to bake package
Chocolate Covered Pretzels for deer antlers
M & Ms for eyes and a nose
Icing (optional)

Step 1: Bake Sugar Cookies

Step 2: When cookies are removed from oven, immediately add antlers (pretzels) before the cookie hardens – can be tricky, use icing if necessary to attach the “ears”

Step 3: Add green M & Ms for eyes and Red M & Ms for the nose, press gently into cookie (or use icing)