Toddler Headphones

Posted on May 1 2015 - 11:32am by Aubrey


Have you ever considered getting headphones for your toddler? You might not regard it as a “must have” for your tyke, but they have all kinds of uses and can actually come in pretty handy. My kids are pretty lucky, they get to go to sporting events and shows, ride on airplanes and use handheld devices aka tablets. The one thing all of those activities have in common is that the experiences can be “enhanced with “headphones.”

I’ve noticed my boys’ sensitivity to the sometimes loud speakers at events and it can be hard to muffle the noise, so I made a mental to not to research headphones. However, they can also come in handy when you’re on a noisy plane ride and/or they’re being “noisy” while on a tablet watching a movie, playing a game or listening to music.


Personally I didn’t find a whole lot out there, that I was completely convinced there would be a set that would work for my preferences. My main concerns were the fit, durability, weight and volume controls. Well, we tried out a pair of Kidz Gear Kidz Control Volume Limit Headphones for kids in blue. I had been telling my older toddler I was planning to get him a pair and he was very excited to try these out! We tried out the standard wired headphones, although they also have them available with a boom mic.

I’d say these headphones pretty much met my expectations. He immediately figured out how to control the volume – and thankfully it limits audio volume to about 80% of original maximum volume. It works with our various handheld devices and the silence is golden. Whereas I used to have to constantly tell him to turn the volume down and be subjected to the audio of whatever he was watching, it has become a much more quiet scene. I do still have to monitor what he’s watching and make sure it’s “approved” for viewing.


The fit is pretty good for his 2.5 year old head and they are nice, lightweight and seem to be well-constructed. He still has some trouble putting them on by himself…you know the wire and moving ear muffs, but once he has them on, they are easy to adjust and stay in place. All that being said,  now his little bro wants a pair too!