Bay Area Summer Stop: Muir Woods with Kids

Posted on Jul 24 2017 - 5:22pm by Aubrey


The boys and I trekked over to Marin for a hike through Muir Woods. I had always heard about Muir Woods and the giant redwoods, but I had never actually made the trip, so I figured it would be a fun day trip to do with my boys. My sister and her 2-month old baby boy also joined us for the excursion. I didn’t do much research before our visit, I had a decent idea of where to go and what to expect…so I went with it!


Muir Woods is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and it’s known for its giant redwood trees! My boys have a thing right now where they’re trying to understand measurements and anything “100 tall” is as big as it gets, so I figured they’d get a kick out of these super tall trees…plus, we’d all get a workout in!


One of the thing I really appreciated about the main trail is that the beginning is made up of a wood boardwalk and the terrain is easy to navigate. Although it was a very sunny day, once you get inside, the trees provide lots of cover and shade and it can get a little cool, so be sure to layer. However, I loved that it was a comfortable walk with a few different choices of places to hike and 3 different bridges you could cross to tailor the length and duration of your hike.

fabl2 fabl1

I’m not a usual hiker, but I figured I’d sport my favorite Fabletics workout gear. Yes, I’m wearing a fanny pack …and yes, I’m “posing” in the woods. Both of those photos are courtesy of my 4-year old. These pants are great for just about any workout and hiking too, and equal parts fashion and function! I love the mesh panels in the back of these pants because it’s fashionable, comfortable and keeps me cool. I’ve gotten numerous compliments while out and about while wearing Fabletics and the price point is affordable too!


My guys had a great time on the trail running ahead of me and my sister…the terrain is easy enough where my sister wore her baby and I didn’t have to worry too much about my boys slipping and falling… If you’re quiet (my boys have issues with noise control), you can even hear the water running through the center of the woods.

muir2 muir5

They got a kick out of looking for sticks along the way and seeing how many “holes” they could find within the wood fence lining the groves of trees. There was also one tree that was still standing and hollowed out where they could stand inside to get a feeling for the depth and size of the trees.


All in all, it’s a great day or even half-day trip. The drive out there on Highway 1 is pretty curvy, so be sure to allow for extra time to get out there, and we’ve heard the nearby parking lots can get pretty packed. We went around 11am on a weekday and didn’t have an issue. Restrooms are located near the parking lot and also once you enter Muir Woods near the cafe. Yes, there is a cafe and gift shop there, so it’s a nice place to check out after your hike. We actually packed some lunch and found a nice bench to enjoy our food before driving home. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure to put this one on your list of things to do with the kids!