KIDZ BOP …is Coming to Town

Posted on May 23 2017 - 6:05pm by Aubrey


KIDZ BOP is coming to town, and if you (like me), allow your children to watch TV, chances are you’ve seen or heard one of their catchy commercials where you’ll hear pop music snippets from their latest CD! I’ll admit, when I first started hearing the music, it would throw me off, since I was more familiar with the “real,” original artist versions. However, there’s something about hearing these pop tunes with a younger voice that really appeals to my kids.

Since then, they’ve discovered Kidz Bop music videos on youtube, and we are faithful listeners in the car via Sirius Satellite radio! So, naturally when I found out they were going on the “Best Time Ever” tour, my ears perked up and I found out the tour is indeed coming to a town near me!

Now, I have debated a little about if my boys (almost 4 and 5), we’re ready for a concert…but then a friend pointed out that I’ve taken them to see the Wiggles, Disney on Ice and other shows, so why not!?! And, you know, they have a point…and what’s even better is that this time I will be familiar with all these tunes. Okay, who am I kidding, I knew all the songs at the other shows too!


This tour features a new class of Kidz Bop kids, who are all touring together for the first time. And — there’s one member in particular who my son Isaiah is impressed with, and that would be Kidz Bop Isaiah… I think there’s something about knowing they share the same name! 😉 Anyhow, I’m planning to surprise mine with an outing to the Concord show as a preschool graduation gift, and I can’t wait to watch them enjoy the show!

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