Tilden Little Farm

Posted on Jun 18 2016 - 11:14pm by Aubrey

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Summer is here and now that my boys are on the verge of turning 3 and 4, they are mobile and have excessive amounts of energy, so getting out and about is a must! So, I’ll be posting about our different outings around the Bay Area and beyond, wherever our Summer 16 adventures take us!


First up is Little Farm at Tilden Park in Berkeley. I had heard about this spot in the Berkeley Hills where you could feed some of the farm animals and explore, and it’s just a short car ride from where we live, so we headed up to the farm on a Friday morning. I packed a lunch and some snacks, I wasn’t sure how much time we would need.


The farm is short walk up from a public parking area (no charge to park), and there are lots of shaded areas and picnic tables if you want to plan for a picnic. There is also a small playground adjacent to  the parking lot.


I also brought celery so the boys could feed the animals. **Note – at Little Farm they ONLY allow you to feed the animals celery or lettuce.** I wasn’t sure how much to bring and I wish I had packed more, because our (animal) food stash went quick. I had only brought a handful of celery sticks…turns out between my two, we could’ve used a few celery stalks and a whole head of lettuce!

My boys really enjoyed holding out the celery to cows, goats and even the sheep! I loved that the farm is set up to be at their level. There weren’t any height issues while trying to see the animals or reach out to give them food.


There’s also a butterfly area, small creek and kid’s garden for children to explore too. There are clean bathrooms and hand washing stations and the atmosphere is very comfortable.


All in all we walked the property, explored and lingered to check out the scenery, ate lunch and played in the playground within a 2 hour time period. It’s just enough to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, but not tire them out too much…and there’s no cost! We will be back again!